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September 9, 2009

Trash Bags

Sustainability and innovation go hand in hand as seen in the Australian company Trash Bags who sell accessories and homewares made from recycled materials. They support and partner in fair trade with community organisations in the Asia Pacific region where their products are made helping provide a fair and sustainable income for them. They use a variety of unusual and quirky recycled materials such as billboards, plastic bags, cement sacks, juice packs and telephone directories.

August 18, 2009

jaime beattie

Spring is in the air and we’re in the mood for colourful brights and Jaime Beattie certainly delivers. She’s now having her Fifth anniversary sale with 25-60% off. We are loving her cheeky recessionista shopper totes which are fitting for our trying times. Brisbane based, Jaime also is an accomplished blogger and you can read all about her design inspirations here

June 15, 2009

truffaux hats

Have a look at these super stylin’ handmade panama hats from Truffaux. There are numerous styles and colours to choose from and will definitely give your hat wardrobe a boost! And because these hats are beautifully crafted, they’re designed to last and stand the test of time.

April 19, 2009


More lovely stuff here….The pretty, warm and woolly hand knitted accessories are by Sydney based Judith Macrae of MeandTex. She likes using natural fibres such as cotton, wool and mohair for her creations. Now that the weather is cooler here in Australia, these pieces look darn cosy!

house of baulch

These studded accessories are part of the latest 2009 Autumn/ Winter collection from House of Baulch. Inspired by the heroine Scheherezade from the tale of One Thousand and One Nights, the pieces reflect a treasure trove of rich iridescent lucite colours, pearls and gold metals.

Melbourne based Kathryn Baulch is the creative talent behind this relatively new accessories company – launched in 2007, but already her striking and affordable pieces are much lusted after by the fashion set.

March 15, 2009

poketo - aussie series wallets

The concept of having a pocket size piece of artwork to carry around all day is just too cool for words. As a celebration of Poketo’s 5th anniversary, 15 Aussie artists (from the likes of Catherine Campbell, Beci Orpin, Cupco, Niels Oeltjen, James Gulliver Hancock, Eveline Tarunadjaja and Lilly Piri and more) were selected to do artworks for their signature limited edition vinyl wallets. The results are just stunning. It’s hard to pick a favourite but at these affordable prices why not buy a few?

June 29, 2008

peachy pan

Just a touch of loveliness here with these one-of-a-kind silk flower hair ornaments called “tsumami kanzashi”. [Kanzashi is the Japanese word meaning “hair ornament” and tsumami refers to the “pinching of fabric”]

You would think that they were made in Japan, but in fact they are the created by Fee from Brisbane and are sold in her online shop peachy pan which specialises in hair accessories and other cute pieces. Fee actually spent a year living abroad in Japan where she discovered Kanzashi. Since then she has been inspired to keep practising the traditional art form and we just love her colour combinations. What a perfect accessory for completing a pretty outfit!

June 12, 2008

jaime beattie

Check out ex-lawyer Jaime Beattie’s online store for some fabbo purses and accessories. These bold and bright pieces are handmade in limited quantities from a studio based in Brisvegas. Her career as a accessories designer has really taken off due to the popularity of her eye catching range and she has never gone back to being a lawyer. That’s so cool!

April 16, 2008


Check out these very sweet hats by ellenade from Sydney. Using mainly vintage and Japanese fabrics she designs and makes all of her range of headwear from reversible hats to sunvisors. Each piece is unique and she does custom orders upon request – very cool thing for different head sizes. Her reversible hats have a vintage 20’s flair to them and we love the versatility of being able to change the fabrics around to suit. Cute and chic!

October 9, 2007

cloth label

Why not make a statement with these handcrafted fabric accessories from cloth which seem to cross the boundary between wearable art and fashion. Definitely for those edgy and cool types.

September 17, 2007

tiny happy

We’re stating the obvious here but shopping via the internet is a godsend for new mums (as everyone knows how hard it is to get out of the house when you have a screaming baby!) As a recent new mum myself, I’ve been checking out some great sites like this one from New Zealand called tiny happy. I can’t believe how beautiful and sweet these hand embroidered baby slippers are! Made from vintage fabrics, most designs are unique and so make a perfect gift for the precious little one.

August 20, 2007

Chenny K

If you’re a bag lover like I am, then you’ll like Chenny K. There’s so much to choose from in this unique and varied range of handmade bags hailing from South Australia. Their detailed designs are all limited editions and made from leather and gorgeous fabrics. The website is an online shop too so you can browse and make your purchases right there. Perfect for some armchair shopping.

May 31, 2007


Justinamaria is a crafty mum who works from home and makes really sweet bags and purses such as the ones pictured here. By the way, the pretty blue patterned fabrics used here for the bag and clutch purse were designed by the very talented Lara Cameron You can also visit Justinamaria at the Rose Street Market in Fitzroy, Melbourne as she’s there fortnightly.

March 28, 2007


Love these playful, quirky printed graphics from blink, a studio based in Melbourne. We especially love the printed plywood owl clock, which would look really sweet in a nursery. Their funky range of handcrafted printed products encompass homewares, womens and children’s clothing, accessories and toys.

March 14, 2007


Very stylish, very practical fingerless mittens from overcast are just the perfect accessory for cooler weather, especially for those of us who need the extra warmth when typing away at the computer on cold winter days. They are handmade in New Zealand from 100% Merino wool.

February 22, 2007

agatha & me

These are simply gorgeous must have shoes! They are from a wonderful collection by agatha & me. Being a proudly Australian label, they design and handcraft their shoes and range of accessories from native leathers and suedes such as barramundi, kangaroo, emu, croc as well as from merino wool. We never would have thought that you could make such elegant shoes out of barramundi!

January 14, 2007

disce mori

We’ve been checking out the fascinating work by Julia deVille at Disce Mori. She makes accessories and jewellery inspired by ‘Memento Mori’ or mourning jewellery of the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries and Victorian periods. She also incorporates taxidermy into some of her artwork, which some people might find a bit creepy, but we admire the way she challenges cultural perceptions of what how animal products are used in fashion.

Pictured here are examples from her jewellery and leather glove range. Although her work has a gothic sensibility, we think some of her pieces have broad appeal. The website is also beautifully constructed and definitely worth a look.

November 28, 2006

preston zly

After all the excitement of the online shop launch it’s back to the business of blogging…

I’ve always wanted a pair of handmade shoes, the idea that someone has created them with their own hands to your own fit and comfort sounds like such a luxury. How many times have you bought shoes in a store only to take them home and try them out and end up getting blisters all over your feet. Well, Melbourne shoe designers Preston Zly launch set out to prevent the problem of ill-footing footwear by hand crafting custom made shoes. Their styles are highly original and in style and colour and are sure to draw a lot of attention from fellow shoe fetishists.

November 13, 2006

dapple grey

Dapple Grey was only launched last year by WA based, Renee Glastonbury, but the label is already making great strides in the world of accessories. Her work was recently featured in the much lauded design blog Oh Joy! and is sold around the country in top boutiques. The collections are noted for their unusual silhouette shapes made from timber and plastic materials. The website states a new range is on its way so we can’t wait to see what Renee comes up with next.

November 8, 2006

chan andreassand

Is there anything this design outfit doesn’t do? Chan Andreassand are New Zealand designers who create objects for the home. Their vast product range includes jewellery, decor objects, table ware and lighting using various resin, textiles and ceramic materials. We especially love the resin jewellery range, where they set out to create the largest ring possible by using unusual elements such as grass, feather, shells, fur, weaving and bristles which evoke an indigenous cultural character. The ceramic table lamps are also extremely beautiful emmitting light through the paisley pin hole patterns.