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June 2, 2009

morgan wills

Now that winter is here in Sydney, I am feeling a little needy for woolie scarves…Check out these lovely patchwork numbers from Morgan Wills. You can pick your colour match from her huge range of scarves which are thoughtfully handmade from reclaimed woollen garments. There are plenty of other ideas for gifts from her shop such as beautiful bunny blankets and bushka rattles for baby!

November 15, 2008

all about heidi

Aren’t these baby shoes from all about heidi just lovely? Handmade from one piece of leather with no seamline they are ingenious yet look beautifully raw. Created by a mum from Bondi Beach Sydney, they are ideal first shoes as the soft leather acts like a ‘second skin’ for baby while she takes her first steps. There are various colours and sizes, and are even available for older children and adults upon request.

October 9, 2007

cloth label

Why not make a statement with these handcrafted fabric accessories from cloth which seem to cross the boundary between wearable art and fashion. Definitely for those edgy and cool types.

May 2, 2007


We think that these outfits by Isisis are beautifully put together. The delicate combination of rich earthy colours, draping, textures and fabrics has a Japanese style aesthetic. But we also think that the reconfigurable top would be such a versatile item to have as it could work with modern essentials such as skirts and even jeans.

March 28, 2007


Love these playful, quirky printed graphics from blink, a studio based in Melbourne. We especially love the printed plywood owl clock, which would look really sweet in a nursery. Their funky range of handcrafted printed products encompass homewares, womens and children’s clothing, accessories and toys.

March 14, 2007


Very stylish, very practical fingerless mittens from overcast are just the perfect accessory for cooler weather, especially for those of us who need the extra warmth when typing away at the computer on cold winter days. They are handmade in New Zealand from 100% Merino wool.

December 7, 2006

vixen australia

Unlike many other fashion designers Vixen Australia are about creating timeless pieces rather than being a slave to fashion trends which turnover after 6 months. They also design, handprint, produce their own textiles and garments in Australia. Their garments follow a very controlled process where the whole start to finish craftsmanship is overseen by the expertise of their designers, printers, pressers, cutters, makers and finishers. They have also expanded into sumptuously designed homewares. Gorgeous stuff!

November 20, 2006


I haven’t been to Melbourne for a few years now but it seems like there is a flourishing design culture at the moment within that city and it is no more evident than with design labels such as Spacecraft. Set up by Stewart Russell and Donna O’Brien who have created a textile studio to produce men’s and women’s fashion collections as well as collaborating with contemporary artists to product designs, such as Zaishu. The result is a product range which is a neat combination of art and design blended into product creation.

November 14, 2006


The lovely Clea Garrick, who is one half of Limedrop told us about their latest spring/summer range called “I fell in love with my librarian…” which is super cute and fun and appeals to the inner geek in all of us. Their range includes hand printed hand printed tees, girls’ dresses, skirts, tights, hoodies and guys’ pants and cardigans featuring bold quirky graphics. Limedrop is sold around stores around Australia and I advise you to check it out!

October 12, 2006


Gothic goodness from Akina a label by Lang Leav who also won Qantas Spirit of the Year awards for fashion in 2005. Her product range includes a line of hand-sewn tees of massacred bears; gruesome yet cute at the same time! Her website also features a series of artworks depicting fairytale scenes gone wrong which are also sold on badges

October 10, 2006

Designers for Target

I’m all for making great design accessible and affordable for the masses so I was excited to see that Australia has followed the lead of Target in the US and have created a range or women’s wear called Designers for Target. They have recruited Australian fashion designers- Alice McCall, Tina Kalivas and T.L. Wood to create several outfits that are still very stylish but a fraction of the cost of designer pieces. There are some very pretty dresses for summer and are available now in most Target stores.

September 23, 2006

secret squirrel clothing

Upcoming fashion label Secret Squirrel Clothing, based in Sydney’s inner west offer a range of women’s tops and dresses, and men’s tees from designer Bri Cheeseman. My favourite item is the black and white Skull bib top on the right which is pretty while having a sense of macbre at the same time. They don’t have a website yet (aarrgghh!!) but to find out more check out their MySpace page.

September 19, 2006

wild garden

I’m not sure if you knew this already but not only does my sister and myself run this blog- we also started our own design label called Wild Garden. It’s a very small operation, running out of my spare bedroom in Sydney and we hand screenprint limited edition designs on tshirt apparel and accessories for women, men and children. We feature modern & organic motifs on our products. To find out more and to purchase head on over to our online shop. We also deliver worldwide! – end shameless plug – ;)

September 17, 2006

luna gallery

Gorgeous knitted textile products from Luna Gallery for your body, baby and home. The garment ranges are produced with a seamless technique to create a smooth and lightweight fit. There are also beautiful couch covers which look so cosy. We love the modern simplicity of the earthy colours and designs.

September 14, 2006


As the weather warms up down under and we start thinking about heading to the beach, you might think of donning one of these Cubapink boardskirts. These versatile wrap skirts featuring bold prints, will get you through from the beach to the cafe. They’re made from light, quick drying microfibre normally used for boardshorts and are perfect for summer.

August 27, 2006

Scoops Design

Adorable looking tees from Scoops Design. Our favourite is this one-Cute Bird Bubble Ladies T-shirt with the button and circle embellishments. Designed by Sophie Cooper from Sydney, each top is one of a kind, limited edition garment.