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March 3, 2010


We are currently admiring the cool range of artworks for sale by Melbourne based artistGhostpatrol. His work ranges from fine ink drawing, prints, street-art, commissioned murals and soft sculpture.

If you live in Melbourne you may be lucky enough to see some excellent examples of his and Miso’s street artwork and murals around town.

October 10, 2009

gregory bonasera

Gregory Bonasera is not your typical ceramic artist. He combines contemporary computer precision with traditional techniques to create his unique organic forms. Our favourites pictured here are the “Architect’s Fruit Bowl” (above) which resembles how an architect draws trees in plan, and the “Elk” vases (below left and right) which are inspired by tree branches and animal antlers. These covetable pieces are available on his website.

July 7, 2009


Here’s some more wonderful art from Schmooks. These lovely doll like characters are the creation of Canberra based graphic designer, Claire Cimbora. The softly coloured illustrations use textured patterns and collage materials to depict a whimsical world of fanciful girls and animal characters. I can see these would make a lovely addition to a nursery or young girl’s room.

June 16, 2009


Wilkintie is the brainchild of a creative Melbourne couple Carly Hargreaves and Niels Oeltjen. The project evolved from their love of letterpress printing and a desire to collaborate with amazing and well loved contemporary artists and illustrators from around the world.

Niels Oeltjen, himself is a wonderful illustrator and painter better known as Nails. Carly Hargreaves has a history in contemporary dance and, more recently, publishing.

Pictured here is a tantalising selection of their beautifully crafted letterpress artworks, all of which are available in their online store (top to bottom – Niels Oeltjen, Apak and Tim Biskup)... Gosh, what a line up! Be sure to click on the link to see more fabulous artists.

May 4, 2009

little circus design - birdsville

Madeline Stamer has just opened a new show of her distinctive illustrations at Bob Boutique in Bendigo. So if you’re in the area check it out and show this lovely artist your support! More of her work can be seen on her website Little Circus Design.

September 4, 2008


We’re absolutely floored by Milan, a very talented 11 year who has set up his own etsy shop called Moofus. It is a little gallery of prints of his original drawings depicting his home turf Sydney, beaches and streetscapes. And get this… a percentage of his sales goes to charity International Animal Rescue! Obviously his talent and genius eye for composition and colour runs in the family. Check out his mum’s brilliant screenprints at alyoisiusspyker.

August 4, 2008

david neale

These stunning pieces are by Melbourne based David Neale. Inspired by plant material and forms, he crafts some of the most beautiful objects and jewellery we’ve ever come across. Lovely textures, forms and colours – it’s all very inspiring. Check out his website for more of his amazing work.

July 21, 2008

sam songailo

These abstract paintings by Adelaide artist Sam Songailo really draws the viewer in. The high energy interwoven colours are intricate and mazelike. Check his website for more info and gallery of work.

June 24, 2008

little galaxie

Originally from Queensland, Lilly Piri’s illustrations and artwork have been featured in magazines such as Frankie and Harper’s Bazaar. She’s also done a number of group shows around Australia and the US.

Here are just a few examples of Lilly’s exquisite colour pencil drawings of girls with the most gorgeous soulful eyes. Most artists shy away from it but she manages to incorporate some of Australia’s unique creatures and flora into her work – check out the cute koala clinging onto the girl’s head! We reckon that Lilly’s unique style and subject matter is really exciting so take a look at her website little galaxie for more work and details.

June 12, 2008

gretchen mist

These colour pencil landscapes are soooo soft and dreamy….They are by Melbourne artist Gretchen Mist who also makes some cute as pie crochet softies and abstract paper collages.

May 26, 2008

kareena zerefos

We are hugely excited for one of our favourite artists Kareena Zerefos, who is holding her first solo exhibition in Sydney from the 4th – 10th June at the MTV Gallery. Kareena is a Sydney artist and freelance illustrator with work conceptually based around memories, dreams and nostalgia. Her distinctive illustrations combines traditional media such as ink, pencil and gouche with digital graphics. Some of her limited edition prints are available for purchase at modamuse.

April 26, 2008

holly grace

Hailing from Western Australia, Holly Grace is an artist who creates glass works of exceptional beauty and refinement. Pictured here is a small sample of her technique of sandcarving or etching images of natural forms such as tree silhouettes onto the surface of glass. The result is a brilliant play of translucency, reflections, shadow and light – very very beautiful indeed…..

yellow monday

Look at these adorable prints by Linda Kruger who is a Sydney based visual artist with a background in printmaking, textile design, and video production. Her drawings feature quirky characters and critters which have a sweet whimsical, childlike quality – just our cup of tea! In particular her arrangement with the ceramic jars, wooden spoons and lovely bird print (see bottom image) is just gorgeous. Her work is available on etsy at yellow monday, which is also the name of a cicada found only in Australia.

April 7, 2008

elly yap

Eleanor Yap is a 23 year old talented freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Melbourne, Australia. Recently in collaboration with Australian fashion label
Dhini, her textile designs appeared on the catwalk of the 2007 Australian Fashion Week at Dhini’s celebrated collection ‘Song of the Drowned’.

Elly is soon to release a limited edition run of one of her beautiful illustrations called ‘The Fountain’ which was initially created for Save By Art’s exhibition ‘Wild Things’. [Stay tuned for an update here or check out her blog for more details]. This print was inspired by the fountain in her mother’s garden, and the vines, orchids and other plants surrounding it. The detail and colour is just extraordinary – you can just look at it for hours and marvel at the complexity. So have a look at her site Elly Yap and discover more about her amazing work.

February 17, 2008


Young Sydney based artist Caitlin Marie Shearer has created pepperminte which sells her lovely original illustrations, paintings and prints. Our particular favourite is ‘secrets’ which features a girl with lovely jet black hair – we feel a theme developing here ;) We also can’t believe that Caitlin is only 18 and soon to study at COFA! Well done!

January 14, 2008

fontaine anderson

Fontaine Anderson is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Adelaide, South Australia. She is inspired by her dreams, Japanese textiles, Egyptian gods, 1980’s clip art, fashion and music. Shown here are a couple of examples of her dreamy sensuous illustrations which show her intricate detailed linework and Egyptian influences.

January 10, 2008

tania rolland

These breathtakingly beautiful porcelain pieces are created by NSW ceramic artist Tania Rolland. The white purity of the porcelain offsets her delicate and finely detailed oxide drawings. The titles she gives each piece also perfectly match the poetry of each creation. Her work can be viewed at Sabbia Gallery in Sydney.

January 8, 2008

magic jelly

It’s been a while since our last entry so let’s kickstart 2008 with a bit of fun from an Etsy legend Magic Jelly Emporium . Created by Karena Colquhoun who is an Adelaide based illustrator, artist & designer, Magic Jelly delivers a wonderful array of vintage style paper goods, drink coasters, pocket mirrors and limited edition artwork. Mixed with a fine eye for retro graphic detail and dose of good humour, her work blurs the line between past and present. We love her super cheeky character drink coasters and pocket mirrors (as pictured here).

November 10, 2007

tsk tsk

Have a peek at tsk tsk for some cheerful folk art inspired limited edition prints, dolls and other crafty bits. The range of goodies are made by Tiel Seivl-Keevers, an artist and illustrator from Brisbane.

October 16, 2007

david capra

David Capra is an emerging talented artist who specialises in wonderful collages and mixed media assemblages which are downright offbeat and quirky. Often laced with humourous details, there’s plenty to discover about his work and fabulous website. We wish him luck as he is a finalist in both NOISE and Qantas SOYA young artist awards!